Lesson 1 – Course Overview


This course covers the skills required to use the inmydata dashboard designer to create and publish dashboards


The course is intended for end users who will create and publish dashboards to the inmydata platform


Users should be familiar with the concepts of dashboard design and data visualisation.

Student Goals

Please take a few moments to document your own goals for this course. What will you need to know and/or produce when you return to work?


What are the three things you most want to know about building dashboards with inmydata?





Please introduce yourself by answering the following questions


  1. Your Name and Job

  2. Your experience with inmydata or any other analytics tool

  3. What you would like to learn from this course

Course Goals


When you complete this course you should be able to:

Download and install the dashboard designer

Understand and work with the dashboard designer interface

Create and new dashboard and manage tabs

Add visualisation objects to your dashboard

Add filters and control panels to your dashboard

Publish, save and mange dashboards


Lesson Overview


What is covers

Lesson 1 - Course Overview

Introductory material about this course

Lesson 2 – Downloading and installing the dashboard designer

Covers how to download the dashboard designer installation package from your inmydata tenant, and how to install it on your local machine. 

Lesson 3 – Working with the dashboard designer interface

A detailed look at the different elements in the dashboard designer interface.

Lesson 4 – Creating or opening a dashboard and managing tabs

A detailed look at how to open or create a dashboard and manage tabs that will contain the content in that dashboard.

Lesson 5 – Adding data visualisations to your dashboard.

A detailed look at what visualisation objects are available in inmydata dashboards, and how to add them to your dashboard.

Lesson 6 – Adding control panels and filtering data in your dashboard

A detailed look at adding control panels and filtering data in your dashboards.

Lesson 7 – Publishing, saving and managing dashboards

A detailed look at publishing a dashboard to the inmydata platform, saving locally and managing existing dashboards.

Appendix A – Year on year comparisons with summary calculations and calendar variables

A detailed look at using summary calculations and calendar variables to produce dashboards for year on year comparisons