You may embed a dashboard or visualisation in to another web application by making it the source of an iframe.  

To get the source url for the iframe, click on the 'info' icon (for a dashboard), or the 'options' icon (for a visualisation), and copy the 'Direct URL'.  

At present, it is not possible to drill in to, or export data from, an embedded visualisation or dashboard.

If both your application and inmydata are using a third-party login provider (such as Microsoft or Google), or have configured your own OAuth/ OIDC provider for Single Sign On (SSO), then the visualisation or dashboard will automatically appear in the iFrame.  

If you are using the default 'inmydata' login provider, we cannot sign you in automatically in the embedded iFrame.  Due to improved security, we are unable to offer the 'auto login' feature as we did in OpenAnalytics.  As a result, you will see the inmydata login prompt in the frame. For security reasons, embedding of the login prompt is not permitted by default. Instructions on how to enable the embbedding of that login prompt are in a seperate article