For security, the inmydata login page is, by default, not allowed to be embedded in another web page.  

If you are embedding inmydata in your web application, and cannot use OAuth2 or OIDC for Single Sign-On (SSO), you may permit the login page to be shown when embedded at specific domains. 

In the General page of the Settings, you will find a text box where domains can be specified to allow the login page.  You may list domains where your application is hosted, separated by spaces.  Optionally, you can include the scheme (e.g. http, https) and can use wildcards (e.g. *   

You must only specify domains that you own; specifying a third-party domain would allow others to embed your login page and result in a security breach to your account.

This only applies when your login provider is "inmydata"; there should be no need to embed a third-party login page, as SSO logins should be made at your application level.