Before the dashboard designer will allow you to add maps to a dashboard you must prepare the data so inmydata can derive locations from address's in your subjects.  

To prepare data to be plotted on maps, you must first process the address data into locations. To do this, follow these steps;

  1.  Log in to inmydata.
  2. Select Settings from the user menu (this will only be available to admin users).
  3. Select Subjects from the tabs on the left of the Administrator Settings screen.
  4. Select the subject that contains your address data, and press the edit icon.
  5. Select the Mapping tab
  6. Press the Add button to add an address
  7. Enter a name for the address, and press OK (this name will be used when specifying which address to use to plot data on a map)
  8. Select a column to provide a value for each of the address properties. If you do not have appropriate values for any address columns you can leave them as not set. However, the more values you can provide, the more accurate the address search will be.
  9. Press OK to accept the address columns.
  10. If you only wish to use marker or circle marker data plots, skip to step 13
  11. To add the option of plotting this subject against geographic areas, you need to specify which geographic areas the address should be resolved to. Press the add button to add a geographic area.

  12. Select the geographic areas you want to add, and press OK
  13. Press OK to close the subject editor and submit your changes.

After you have added or made any changes to the address information for a subject, you must wait for the subject address search to be processed.  To check the status of your subject, press the status button in the subject tab of the Administrator Settings screen.

Once your subject shows a status of Complete, the address information is ready to use. If there are a large number of address combinations, this may take several hours for the first process.

Once your locations have been processed, you may wish to check and edit the locations found for each address.