Our responsibility to protect your data privacy is always our first priority. This article sets out how and where we store your data.

Data at rest

Data uploaded to inmydata is stored in two different places.

On initial upload, the data is temporarily stored on Amazon S3 storage until the publish process is complete. Amazon S3 applies server-side encryption with Amazon S3 managed keys (SSE-S3) as the base level of encryption.

The data is then loaded into the inmydata database hosted on an AWS EC2 instance, which uses AES-256, a LUKS enhanced version of cryptsetup, for OS and storage disk encryption. 

Any data that is permanently deleted from the database is removed using the Linux tool shred (7 iterations and final zero overwrite to hide shredding).

Data in motion

When data is transferred through a network inmydata uses TLS encryption between all server-side and client-side processes.