A trending headline is a dashboard object that displays a single value, and gives the user context as to how that value has changed over time. For instance, the trending headline below displays the last weeks sales value. To give the value context, a comparison to the previous week, and a chart showing how the value has changed over the last 52 weeks, are displayed below the value. 


Trending headlines can be added to a dashboard. See here for details on creating a dashboard.

To create a trending headline on your dashboard, follow these steps;

  1. From the toolkit, select and drag a new headline object on to your dashboard.
  2. Select the subject and column that contains the value you wish to display in the trending headline object.
  3. Select the period you wish to display the value for, the date column this period should be based on, and optionally a calendar variable to be applied to the date selection.
  4. Check the show trend information checkbox, select the number of periods that should show in the chart, and the type of chart you wish to be displayed.
  5. Press OK to commit your changes