Click your user icon at the top right, then open Settings



In ‘General’, change ‘Login Provider’ to Microsoft.  You must provide at least one “Permitted Domain”; because Microsoft is a third-party provider open to all, we need to narrow down the permitted users to your organisation. 



Press “Save”.  


When you next login, you will be prompted for your Microsoft login.  

Your organisation may have restrictions that require administrator approval for inmydata to access user profiles.  You may see the following message when logging in.  Please consult your Microsoft 365/ Azure AD administrator for assistance, or the Microsoft documentation.


On first login, any user from your permitted domain(s) will be automatically registered in inmydata with the lowest permissions.  They will be ‘Reporting’ users (only able to view dashboards), in the Default group.   You can change their type (to ‘Insights’ for visualisations and dashboards, or ‘Administrator’) and their Group in the ‘Users’ page in Settings.