Adding filter parameters to the control panel

Filter parameters provide an object to input a filter value that can be used to filter objects on the dashboard. Applying the filter to objects on a dashboard is described in detail in the Applying Filters to Objects section below. The different types of filter objects you can add to a control panel are described in the table below:



Drop down list

Allows the user to select a value from a pre-defined list of values.

Date Picker

Allows the user to select a date value.


A slider control allows the user to select a numeric value between a predefined minimum and maximum.

Check Box

Allows a user to select a true or false value.


Allows the user to enter freeform text


Follow these steps to add a filter parameter to the control panel:


  1. Press the Filter Parameter button in the Add group from the Panel tab.
  2. Select the type of object from the drop down list.
  3. Define the details of the object using the Object tab (described in more detail belo