Managing control panels

Control panels allow you to add titles, images, filter parameters, and web elements to a dashboard.

Adding a control panel to a dashboard

Follow these steps to add a control panel to your dashboard:

  1. Drag a control panel from the toolkit on to your dashboard, or select Control panel from the list that appears when you press the Add button in the Dashboard Objects group of the Edit Dashboard tab.
  2. Define the control panel selection panel settings in the Control Panel window (described in more detail below).

Deleting a control panel from a dashboard

To delete the control panel from a dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the control panel in the dashboard.
  2. Press the Delete button in the Dashboard Objects group of the Edit Dashboard tab.



Managing control panel objects

Each control panel contains one or many control panel objects. The Control Panel window allows you to manage these objects on a particular control panel.



The Control Panel window has a ribbon at the top of the window, and a work area at the bottom of the window.


The ribbon has two tabs, the Panel tab that contains buttons to add, delete and move control panel objects in the control panel. The Objects tab allows you to edit properties of a single control panel object in the control panel.


The work area displays the control panel you are currently working on, and allows you to select a single control panel object on the control panel. To select a control panel object on the control panel, simply press the left mouse button over the control panel object. The selected control panel object is highlighted in the work area.



The different control panel objects that you can add to a control panel are described in the table below:


Object Type



Allows you to add a text title to your control panel object.

Filter Parameter

Provides an object to input a filter value that can be used to filter objects on the dashboard.

Calendar Variables

Calendar variables are date-time period values that are defined against a specific dataset and can be used in filters and calculations

Calculation Variables

Calculation variables are values defined against a specific dataset that can be used in calculated columns in that dataset. For instance, you might define a calculation variable for a currency exchange rate, which is used to convert values between currencies.  


Allows you to add an image to the control panel.

Web Element

Allows you to add web elements to a dashboard