Managing drill downs for your dashboard object

A drill down allows the user to click on an area of a dashboard object, to open another display that shows more detail. Unless you specify otherwise, when the user clicks on an area of a dashboard object, they will be asked to select a dimension in the dataset the object uses (or a linked dataset). The platform will then generate a drill down based on the parent object, showing detail broken down by the dimension selected.


You constrain the drill down functionality by defining a drill down path. Follow these steps to define a drill down path:


  1. Select the define a specific drill down path. If you select this option, and do not add any visualisations to the drill down path, the user will not be offered any drill down from this object.
  2. Press add to select an existing visualisation to add to the list.
  3. Repeat step 2 to complete the drill down path.  


Drill downs are only available once the dashboard has been published.