Defining the appearance of your dashboard object

The Dashboard Object Definition window Appearance tab allows you to specify settings that will govern the appearance of the dashboard object.

To define the appearance of objects on your dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Select the type of chart or legend you wish to display.
  2. Enter a title and second title (the second title will appear on a second line).
  3. Select if you want point labels on the chart, whether those labels should (if possible) be drawn inside the chart, whether they should be shown with vertical text, whether to show a legend on the chart.
  4. For line and area charts, you can select whether the chart should use spline calculations to smooth the line between the points, or if not selected, simply draw a straight line between the points.  
  5. Line and area charts will also let you define how to handle zero values. The options are described below:



Plot Zero Values

All data points will be plotted.

Do not plot leading zero values

Any zero values not preceded by a non-zero value will be ignored. This prevents datasets with leading zero values being plotted with lines that start anchored to the X Axis.

Do not plot any zero values

Any zero values will not be plotted.

Hide groups with zero values

Any groups that contain one or more zero values will not be plotted.


  1. For certain chart types, you can also select whether to display a series as a line, bar or area, and if the object type has a dual Y axis, which Y axis to display the series on.

Dual Y Axis charts allow you to display multiple values with very different scales on a single chart.