Downloading and install the Client Dashboard

Before you install

The inmydata client applications must be downloaded and installed on PC. Before you do so, check that the PC you intend to use matches the minimum requirements available here.

Downloading the installer

The inmydata client applications installation package can be downloaded as follows.


  1. Log in to your inmydata tenant
  2. Click the + icon to create a new visualisation
  3. Click on the link to download the installer


Installing the inmydata client applications

To install the inmydata client applications, do the following.


  1. Double click on the installation package that was downloaded, or select Open from the browser you downloaded it with.
  2. Answer Yes to the security question when prompted if you want to allow this application to make changes to your device.
  3. Select Next on each step of the wizard, until you are offered the Install button.
  4. Press Install and complete the wizard.



Starting the dashboard designer

To start the dashboard designer, follow these steps.


  1. Double click on the inmydata dashboard designer shortcut on the desktop or the start menu.
  2. If this is the first time you have used the dashboard designer on this machine, enter the name of the tenant you wish to connect to when prompted, and press OK.
  3. Login when prompted.