This article explains how to schedule a view export, to be delivered as a spreadsheet, document or image by email 

Instructions to schedule a view export 

The following video demonstrates how to schedule exports

A step-by-step guide

Step 1: Build or open the view you wish to export

  • In inmydata, build or open a view
  • If you build a view save the view

Step 2: Configure the export settings

  • Select the share button () from the toolbar on the left
  • Select E-mail, then enter the Reply To address, the Recipient(s) and a message to include in the email
  • Select the format of the export you wish to send

Step 3: Schedule the export

  • Select the Frequency for which you want to send the schedule
  • Select the Calendar the schedule will be based on
  • Select the time of day you wish to send the email

Views must be saved before they can be scheduled